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Mandeep Group established on 14 Nov 1987, by Gautam Mal Singhvi (Founder of Mandeep Marble). The journey of Mandeep Group began with Mandeep Marble in the city of temples, Madurai, Tamil Nadu. Mandeep Group is recognized and acknowledge for quality and reliability of its product and service.The company has approximately 1.500 employees with wide experience.

Over the few years, Mandeep group expended their horizons in multiple industries like textile, Statue and Sculptures, Handicrafts Yoga centers and healthcare centers. Today due to the hard work and dedication of its management and staffs, the company has grown considerable and established itself as one of the leading Group. Recently, Mandeep Group strongly expanding their geographical boundaries with latest technology, skilled manpower, innovative leadership, modern equipments and vast production to deliver large quantity in short span of time.

Mandeep Marble is dedicated to serve best quality material of Natural Marble and Granite stones, Indian Marble, imported marble, Granite, Indian and imported granite, Italian stones, engineered stones, ceramics, Elevation stones etc. At present Mandeep marble has 11-12 own distribution warehouses in India holding the large quantities of Natural Stone in stock. Customers can use the services of a team with highly specialized knowledge of the sector. Mandeep Marble has extraordinary logistics and distribution network, which means guaranteed supply.

Maadees is a family business of Mandeep Group, run by Shrapi Singhvi, Sangeeta Singhvi and Riya Singhvi. Maadees is all about partnerships with customers and employees, vendors and all those associated with us.To become the most preferred destination for trading houses, brand owners, retail chains for sourcing all kinds of garments. The Vision provide a big driving force and lead us to conceptualize the customer need, creative thinking to a make solid business plans, strategies & policies.

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Shrey Bhandari
Piyush Choudhary

Sunil Sharma
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Virendra Singhvi
Saket Sharma
Kishore Murugan

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